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Do you have experience with foreign students?

Yes, I have worked as a Spanish teacher for foreign students for over 20 years.

What are the 'À la carte' classes?

In ‘À la carte’ classes you choose what you want to study, be it grammar, vocabulary, practising writing, pronunciation, listening skills, etc.

Can you give Conversation classes in 'À la carte' classes?

No, that is why there are specific Conversation classes.

How do I start?

Firstly, you need to book a free 25-minute test class, so I can gain an understanding of your Spanish level and to talk about your needs and a study plan. Secondly, if you like you can select your future classes on the ‘book your classes’ page.

How do I pay for the classes?

Classes are paid in advance. You can complete payment by bank transfer o credit card. Select a pack from “Book your classes” and, after making the payment, you will receive a confirmation email with your user and password to your Student Area. Once you access it, all you have to do is choose the days and times for your classes in your schedule.

Can I choose the days and time?

Yes, you can do so at the ‘book your classes’ page. Please bear in mind the local Spanish time and that of your country. The times of the class schedule are in Central European Time.

If I cancel the classes that I have paid for, do I get my money back?

Since the classes do not expire, the amount corresponding to the classes not received will not be refunded. You can consume them on another occasion.

How much does the study material cost?

The study materials are free both for classes as for homework. You only pay for the classes. If a student prefers to use a textbook, they will bear the cost of purchasing the book on their behalf.

Are there classes for children?

I only give classes to students over 17 years of age.

Can I take classes at any level of Spanish?

Yes, you can start from an initial level or if you already have previous knowledge. I have a great experience with students of all levels.

Are the classes one-on-one?

Yes, during the classes I will be solely and exclusively with you.

Is it possible to receive Spanish business classes?


Do the packs expire?

Classes do not expire. You can consume them whenever you want.

Can I speak in my mother tongue if I don't understand something?

It is best to make an effort. We will always speak in Spanish. I assure you that it is best for your learning process.

If I want to take a number of classes other than those offered in the packs or in a different timetable, is it possible?

Yes, all you have to do is write to contacto@aprendeconcarmen.es and talk about it.

Can I cancel a class?

If you need to cancel a class and change the day or time, send an email to contacto@aprendeconcarmen.es up to 24 hours before the class is set to start, so you don’t lose it. We will simply change the day and time to another that best suits you.

What happens if I don't connect for a class?

If you have not given prior notice up to 24 hours in advance, I will wait for 15 minutes, but if you don’t connect in that time, you will lose the class and it cannot be recovered. Your time is precious and mine is too.

If I want to prepare for the DELE exam, how many classes do you recommend I take?

I am a DELE examiner and thanks to my experience with other students who have passed this exam, in order to get good results I recommend you to have at least 2 online classes a week for 1 or 2 months before the test. If you do not have the required level for the exam you should have classes before (to review the contents of that level) and once you are ready, then prepare the DELE exam.

Do you give in-person classes?

Yes, I give one-on-one classes at my home in Salamanca (Spain). If you are interested, get in touch.

Ohhhhh, I haven't found the answer I was looking for. What shall I do?

Write to me at contacto@aprendeconcarmen.es and I will answer you right away.

Let me remind you of a Spanish saying that goes:

“Es de sabios preguntar y de tontos el callar”. (It is wise to question and foolish to keep silence)

So now you know.

Carmen Estévez - Aprende con Carmen